Training content

  • Tool organization systems (time saving)
  • Different cutting techniques (e.g. wire, knife, single cut)
  • The current “Driving Assistance Safety Systems” (FAS)
  • Correct bonding of automotive glass (according to manufacturer’s specifications)
  • Handling auto glass chemistry and its components. What characterizes a good adhesive?
  • Cost-saving aids (e.g. clip-on cases or rain and light sensor technology).
  • Around the sensor technology
  • Order and cleanliness in the workplace
  • Customer consulting, sales talk
  • Diagnosis and calibration of camera systems
  • Stone chip repairs with different systems
  • Effect of stone impact resins and their effects on laminated glass
  • Scratch removal


We teach you the skills to glaze vehicles professionally.


Car glass workshop with various cleaning agents

Learn the auto glass craft in 4 days

Whether material science, chemistry or the removal and installation of a front screen: everything is explained step by step. The tools required and the sources of supply are shown. During the seminar you will receive your personal manual with explanations and instructions.

You will be accompanied by instructors who have years of experience and can answer any questions you may have in connection with the daily work of the “auto glazier”.

Whether it be questions about billing, franchise systems, disc deliveries or other concerns.

Rely on years of experience – we have been offering our workshop for over 10 years and have already trained numerous participants who are now successful in the auto glass business.

Car glass workshop trolley

A successful start

Although nowadays it is still possible to write invoices with a typewriter, it is not advisable, because the computer is much faster and thus saves time and money.

The same applies to the tool. During the workshop you will get to know and love tools that can make your life easier in the future.

As a workshop participant you receive premium conditions and save compared to the list price. In addition, you will receive exclusive, optional starter offers as part of their training.

New/transverse entrants

As a new/transverse entrant or someone new to the industry, the course could potentially be very compact, some manual dexterity is assumed in any case. For participants with experience in the skilled trades or the automotive industry, this subject area should be easy to learn….


The seminar we offer is used by many participants as perfect preparation for the Chamber of Commerce exam. This is interesting if you want to start a subsequent self-employment.


Prices do not include VAT

We will not let you down.

As a training participant, you will benefit in the future from premium conditions and continued technical support for questions relating to automotive glass.

Car glass workshop with various cleaning agents

The seminar, number of participants

During the seminar you will learn all practical and theoretical contents which you need to cope with the daily work as a car glazier, also for this reason the number of participants per course is limited to 6 participants.

Only in this way can we ensure that each participant, assuming interest, receives the optimal and intensive training.


Trainings take place regularly, but are often already fully booked due to the limited number of participants.

Please note that the training fee must be paid in advance, before the start of the training, at least 1 week before the start of the seminar.
In case of cancellation at short notice, costs may be charged to the hotel.


Available training dates

Current training dates with free participant places*.

Calendar week from to
KW47 21.11.2022 24.11.2022
KW49 05.12.2022 08.12.2022

At least 1 free participant place, may already be fully booked depending on the time of request. Status 10/28/2022

You can use the following form to make a binding reservation for your training place or to be placed on the waiting list.

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    With auto glass into independence

    Additional information for seminar participants who would like to start their own business as a car glazier:

    To start your own business with a focus on auto glass, you still need the appropriate certificates or permits.

    Vehicle glazing” is a partial craft activity of an occupation requiring a master craftsman’s certificate in accordance with Annex A of the Crafts Code. In order to practice the “auto glazing profession”, registration in the register of craftsmen is usually required.

    This registration can be granted, among other things, with an exemption, which can be applied for via the responsible Chamber of Crafts.

    You will have to take a corresponding exam for which our course prepares you, among other things. Usually, this is the exemption according to §8 HWO, if it is not reasonable for the business owner to take a master craftsman’s certificate.

    Alternatively, registration can be made if you have a master craftsman’s title as proof of qualification in the relevant craft.

    The Chamber of Crafts responsible for you or the Association of Automotive Glaziers can provide you with more and more substantiated details on the requirements.

    Federal Association of Automotive Glaziers
    KSA Toolsystems GmbH is a supporting member of the Bundesverband der Autoglaser (Federal Association of Automotive Glaziers)
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