Basic equipment

The basic equipment certainly includes a suitable tool trolley with the basic tools that are needed in the everyday life of the auto glazier.

For glazing, of course, you still need the appropriate chemistry including window adhesive, pre-cleaner and activators. We also offer a chemical package for this, which combines all the necessary chemical products for you. These can of course also be ordered individually, as needed.

Last but not least, a functional battery gun for squeezing out the window adhesive is part of the basic equipment. Our battery gun is constantly being further developed and optimized specifically for glazing – whether beginner or professional with this machine the application succeeds without problems.

Windshield adhesives

You can find an overview of our adhesives and their differences here:

Window Adhesive Overview

Separation technology

When it comes to separation technology, there are various process options to choose from, which ultimately depend on budget and personal preference.

We experience again and again that car glaziers swear by the old, working, method with wire pull handles, others prefer to work with a scraper and stripping blades.

Application of a disc separation system
Single Cut 5.0

For some years now, due to its speed and safety, cutting out with systems such as the
Single Cut System
system. In use worldwide, this product enables perfect results.

The automotive glazier of today has at least two systems, wire – drawing knife or single cut in the workshop to be able to work flexibly at any time.

Laminated glass repair

When choosing a laminated glass repair system, it all depends on your order volume. For beginners we recommend our AEGIS laminated glass repair kit VGR-500.

If you want to go the middle way, the Quicksilver system is the right


well advised. This has a dual chamber system and adjustable injector angle.

The professional system in our range is the
for laminated glass repair. This works with mechanical negative/overpressure and is easy to use. It does without the widely used fluorescent tubes and works with a 360° UV LED lamp. For you, this means increased safety, consistent performance thanks to LED technology. The system is delivered together with high quality resins, which provide a better image and do not yellow compared to conventional resins.

The non plus ultra is the

KSA VGR-3000

which guarantees the best results with its automated repair program and works largely on its own.

With these systems, professional work and appearance is guaranteed.

Sensor technology

Today, sensor technology is used in almost all vehicles. Be it a rain sensor, lane departure stent or light sensors. It is therefore essential to have the appropriate adhesive foils or equipment for self-casting on site.

You have the choice to cast the adhesive foils yourself or to use ready-made adhesive plates.


Moss tape and universal profiles are among the items that are always needed. Be it to dampen vibrations, to maintain the distance between the pane and the car body or the optical aspect.

Auxiliary means

Feeler gauge auto glass
Top aid feeler gauge auto glass for gap measurement

Do you work alone? Then you will love the SOLO NEO windshield installation aid system. This means that you do not have to rely on a second person to install the window. Optimal for one-man operations. The fabric tape is also part of the basic equipment, with these the freshly inserted pane is fixed to the frame without leaving traces or even damaging the paint.

Lint-free cleaning paper or a stone chip template needed for demonstration round out your assortment.

Windshield installation aid Solo NEO

Car Glass Installation Aid , Windshield Installation Aid Solo NEO
Car Glass Installation Aid , Windshield Installation Aid Solo NEO AEGIS KIT-3050

The advantages of the SOLO NEO windshield installation aid at a glance:

Optional systems

With auto glass, you can expand your portfolio and offer systems such as glass repair/scratch removal. Offer your customer a new windshield sealant, restore in hand around turn headlights. Also always popular the quality wipers from Heyner.

Individual advice

You are not sure or needed extended information?

Especially the entry is difficult. We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting. Contact us today, we will find the optimal solution for you. Be it on payment, conditions, equipment or training.

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