You do not know which adhesive plate could fit?

Have a look at our sensor technology PDF with listing of suitable adhesive plates and sensor gel types, sorted by vehicles and Eurocode. So you are guaranteed to find the right sensor adhesive plate.

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The advantages of the finished sensor plates at a glance

  • non adhesive
  • insensitive to dust, grease, fingerprints, etc.
  • highly elastic
  • highly transparent
  • Refractive index almost like glass
  • inexpensive – no new purchase of expensive OE sensors or OE plates
  • easy and fast handling

Basic equipment

 KSA sensor case with different adhesive plates, sensor foils covers all common vehicle models.


Casting them yourself takes time, which you can save by replacing them with the ready-made sensor plates. 

Ready-made sensor platelets made of silicone. Ready to use for ultra fast reuse of various rain/light sensors. Transparent or translucent depending on the model. Highly elastic, non-sticky and bubble-free.

Much better, faster and easier to apply than conventional acrylic products. Insensitive to dust, grease and fingerprints. Also ideal for mobile assembly.

The application in combination with the Sensor Cleaning and Contact Spray (Art.:STK-250) enables a bubble-free installation with easy handling.

Sensor gel to pour yourself

The sensor gel saves the need to buy new gel sensors. This specially developed 2-component silicone gel enables cost-effective reuse of round rain and light sensors. Simply and quickly applied, the old sensor can be reattached to the windshield after just a few minutes.

– Special gel for all common silicone-coated round sensors. Color: clear

– Special gel for all common silicone-coated angular sensors. (The application is only possible with a casting mold) Color: milky

SENSOR-GEL- View / Download PDF

Sensor adhesive plates overview

These adhesive plates are mainly for older vehicles and with adhesive surface.

Sensor technology overview

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