Instructions: Open a customer account

Step 1

To open a customer account, please press the green Partner Login/Registration button at the top of the website.

Webshop Registration KSA Step 1

Step 2

A window will now open. Please enter your e-mail address, which will also be used for future registration. Then select your desired password and repeat it.

Please note that only the right side is/will be filled in.

Webshop Registration KSA Step 2.1

If you have also received an invitation code, please enter it in the field that appears after clicking on “>>> Do you have an invitation code?”.

Only with code you will get at once the conditions valid for this code (e.g. KS partner prices, conditions, etc.) You can request this at any time from us.

Now you have to agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy. Then confirm that the request is not an automated method by clicking in the “I am not a robot” field.

Now press Submit.

Step 3

For your protection, you will now receive an email to the email account you provided with a request to verify your registration.

By clicking on the verification link, you confirm the accuracy of your information. The email should be received within 5 minutes.

To prevent identity theft, the account can only be used after verification.

Now confirm the email address by clicking on the link sent in the email.

If you cannot click on the link, try to copy it. If this also does not remedy the situation, contact our customer service and have the email ready. For security reasons, your customer account may not be activated without this e-mail. Therefore, keep them until they are fully unlocked.

Step 4

After clicking on the link you will be redirected to our store. After successful verification you will get to the “Verification successful” page.

Step 5

You have now successfully confirmed your user account and can now use it. To do this, log in with the data you have provided.

If you have used an invitation code, please check that you are shown the correct conditions. The invoice payment option should be enabled for you.

Step 6


You can now use the KSA store to its full extent. When you place your first order, you still need to provide basic information such as billing address and , if desired, shipping address.

This process is necessary only once and will be saved securely for future visits.

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KSA Toolsystems GmbH

We are your contact for special automotive glass tools, chemical products and workshop supplies. Except for the windows themselves, you get everything for the daily needs in your auto glass workshop.

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KSA Toolsystems is supplier for autoglass special tools, chemistry and accessories, workshop equipment and much more.
KSA Toolsystems GmbH is a member of the Federal Association of Automotive Glaziers