Car glass installation aid SOLO-NEO

Install windshields alone.

Install a windshield with one man is not possible without problems?

But it is! With the SOLO NEO – Art. SOL-3050 you can install windshields single-handedly.

The Corona pandemic has shown that installing a windshield alone is a difficult task without tools, but often there was no other choice due to the lack of personnel. Starting out in the auto glass business also presents one with the challenge of glazing heavy windows on their own.

With this window installation aid, the most common vehicles can be glazed quickly, easily and cleanly on their own. A second employee is no longer necessary and thus saves costs.

The reversible arm is suitable for windshields of all sizes and works from both sides of the vehicle.

The system has a flexible design with which the device can adapt to any windshield curvature. Patented drop-pin technology for easy placement without slipping the windshield.

Video from the previous model

The advantages of the SOLO NEO windshield installation aid at a glance:

  • short assembly time
  • Simple operation
  • secure hold due to 4 strong suction lifters
  • flexible design, works with any windshield curvature
  • CE certified
  • Safety suction loss warning and redundant double suction cup design
  • Hardened steel and aircraft aluminum construction
  • Load capacity per suction cup 34 kg
  • suitable for almost all vehicle models

The SOLO Neo is 25% lighter than its predecessor while being smaller and easier to use.

CE certified for occupational health and safety by an independent testing laboratory.

Conforms to the European Commission Machinery Directive, 2006/42 / EC, Annex I.

One man windshield installation system SOLO NEO

The package includes

  • Robust carrying case with wheels
  • Solo Neo Windshield Installation Guide
  • Instruction manual
  • Ruler/measuring sheet
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Car glass installation made easy – with the Solo NEO windshield installation aid (SOL-3050), glazing windshields is also possible on your own. Employees sick? Self-employed and no fitter at hand? Then the SOL-3050 is their second reliable man.

Car glass installation aid SOLO-NEO

Install windshields alone.

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